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Frog You Android

Hi Everyone:

Here is the first game about the adventures of Toby The Frog.

Frog You Scene 1






Toby The Frog works transporting goods thru the river in his boat.
One day he noticed a hole in his boat and water was getting in.

Toby: What tha’ frog is happening?
Is that a hole? on my boat? at the waterfall turn?
Frog me! I’m doomed…
No, Frog this, I will survive!!!

*Help Toby The Frog navigate the challenging river and avoid the waterfall*


  • Lots of mischievous and dangerous challenges to sabotage Toby’s efforts of survival.
  • Super simple controls. Easy to play, impossible to put down.
  • Compete with your friends; jump your way to a new high score and make sure to also catch some flies for extra points!
  • Share your best score on the leaderboards. Then challenge your friends & the whole world to beat it.

Go to YouTube and check out the Trailer and don’t forget, stay tuned after the credits for a special scene.

Go to the App Store and get it for free

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3rd Screen-01

4th Screen-01 2nd Screen-01 5th Screen-01







Have a great day & Frog You all!