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Give your brain a workout with this fun, challenging game inspired by the Stroop Test.

How good is your brain’s ability to focus while receiving conflicting signals? Find out!

Brain Featured Graphic






The moving screen is filled with the names of the colors, but the names and the colors they are displayed in don’t necessarily match.

You will be given an instruction (Example: Touch the purple words and the word “yellow”).  You have to touch them to get points before they disappear out of the screen. If you miss one or touch an incorrect one you lose. Simple enough, right? It sounds much easier than it actually is!!!

I always have found brain teasers very interesting but this is a brain smasher!
Play it for a while and soon you’ll find yourself in a corner of the room screaming: “why!, why can’t i make it right”
It should be simple, if it said touch the blue words you know that you don’t need to read the the word or if it says touch the word Blue forget about if it is yellow. touch it if it says blue… Its that simple… Well apparently no since not to many people can get to 20 correct.

Progression add challenges such as:

★ Continually changing background colors make it harder to keep the focus.

★ Words that you touch to earn bonus points.

★ Words that will make you lose points if overlooked.

★ The word “BOOM” to be looked for and avoided.

★ Show us Your Brain Score at the Leaderboards.

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You will be amazed at how complicated such a simple sounding task can be. It’s a Brain Splotch!